Classic International Gourmet Gift Basket

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A small basket full of international goodies like:

Vincent (8 oz.) - a Dutch classic Gouda cheese with just enough maturation to taste the beginning of sharpness.
Emmental (8 oz.) - another classic, this one from Switzerland. A cheese copied all over the world, but this one is the real thing.
Grafton Village Two Year Aged Cheddar (8 oz.) - also the US makes wonderful cheese, like this traditional award winning cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese Company.
Pate is part of a classic gourmet food basket. This Truffle Mousse (5 oz.) is an excellent example, a French-style pate.
Tuscan Wafer Thin Crackers (4.5 oz.) are a thin crispy accompaniment that goes well with cheese and the pate, coming from Australia
34 Degrees Wholegrain Crisps (4.5 oz.) - a thin, crispy cracker that pairs with everything.
Spanish Orange Blossom Honey (7 oz.) - a light, flowery honey that is delicately sweet with citrus hints; flavorful.

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