Creminelli Salami Sampler

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This Salami Sampler from Creminelli is the perfect gift for the charcuterie lover. Cristiano Creminelli, who is at the helm of Creminelli Meats, makes his salami by hand and according to traditional recipes. Salami Casalingo or salami di casa comes from the old-time Italian tradition that each household producing its own salami, hence the name 'the salami of the house'.

Contains one of each flavor:
Barolo: a pork salami with Italian red wine.
Casalingo: a traditional Italian pork salami with minimal additional ingredients.
Sopressata: a flavorful traditional Italian pork salami made with generous amounts of garlic and spice.
Tartufo: a pork salami with black summer truffles.
Wild Boar: made with a mix of Texas wild boar and duroc pork belly.

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