Deliciousness for Mom Gift Basket

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This Gourmet Gift Basket is a wonderful gesture to a deserving woman and contains unique items which she can enjoy for a long time. It includes:

Acquerello Carnaroli Rice - The Rolls Royce of rice. This rice is grown, aged, whitened and packed in Italy on the Colombara Farm by the Rondolino family and appreciated by some of the most famous professional chefs.
BalsaMela Apple Vinegar - Substitute grapes for apples and apply the same principles for making balsamic vinegar add some Italian magic and you have BalsaMela - an Apple Vinegar.
Anchovies in Olive Oil - These Spanish anchovies fillets are smooth and have a firm textured with a rich almost buttery taste.
Organic Ghee - This clarified Butter, is made from Grade AA Sweet Cream Certified Organic butter and is the mainstay of many culinary traditions around the world.
Salad Flowers - These edible flowers are a lovely way to make a ordinary salad special.
Magic Unicorn Salt - A colorful salt blend that brings just a little magic to your dish.
Cocoa Cakes - Crisp, buttery cookies lightly malted and layered with toasted coconut. They are not your average chocolate chip cookie, not overly sweet, but deliciously different.
Blossom Honey from Corsica - Honey from Corsica reflects the flowers that grow on the wild and rocky terrain of this beautiful French Mediterranean island. This gourmet honey has a unique color and flavor; sweet and aromatic.

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