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Our Deluxe Spanish Gourmet Gift Basket is full of delicious and typical Spanish gourmet food items that will make you feel as if you are at the Costa del Sol. Our Deluxe basket contains:

Drunken Goat (8 oz.) - also called Murcia al Vino - a young Spanish goat's milk cheese that is soaked in Doble Pasta Wine for 48-72 hours and then aged for a couple of months. The flavor is mild and rich, clear sweet and spicy; a subtle reminder of the wine.
Idiazabal (8 oz.) - a smoked raw sheep's milk cheese made all over the Basque country and aged for 5 months.
Quince Fruit Paste (4.2 oz.) - its color and flavor are natural and it is a great accompaniment for cheese.
Orange Blossom Honey (7 oz) - a light, flowery honey that is delicately sweet with citrus hints; flavorful.
Sliced Serrano Ham (3 oz.) - Jamo Serrano, a great gourmet ham with a rich nutty flavor, cured in the mountains of Spain.
Piedras de Chocolate (4.5 oz.) - large toasted Larguetas almonds, dipped in chocolate and then rubbed and dusted with cocoa powder.
Sweet Smoked Paprika (4.4 oz.) - made in the La Vera region of Spain - Pimenton de La Vera. This spice is dried by the traditional method of oak smoking, resulting in an unmistakably smoky taste. It is this spice that captures the essential flavor of Spain; a must if you want to make paella.
Bonita del Norte Tuna (7.3 oz.) - authentic white tuna; they appear annually in the waters of the Bay of Biscay in the Cantabrian Sea.
Fig Almond Cake (8 oz.) - the real thing. 85% of its content are whole premium Pajarero figs that are destemmed by hand and then the Marcona almonds are added.
Saffron (0.1 oz.) - one of the most expensive food products in the world and it is a traditional and natural spice in many cuisines.

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