Drunken Gourmet Assortment

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There are many ways to add flavor to products and alcohol of any kind is one of them. This gourmet assortment has a mix of alcoholic beverage that were part in creating these delicious products. All together offered in this drunken assortment:

Drunken Tomatoes - cherry tomatoes comfortably pickled in a red wine, basil and garlic brine.
Rattlesnake Cheddar Cheese - a smooth, creamy medium aged Cheddar, infused with premium gold tequila and Habanero peppers.
Drunken Goat - a Spanish young cheese, made of pasteurized goat's milk and soaked in Monastrell wine for about 3 days and aged for just a couple of months.
Tennesee Whiskey BellaVitano - infused with the spirit and smooth sweetness of Tennessee Whiskey.
Drunken Mustard - brown and yellow mustard seeds brined in red wine and brown sugar.

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