European Pate Gift Box

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Our burgundy gift box full of American-made Europan Pate; 2 coarse varieties and 2 mouse/fine varieties, combined with French toast and a preserve. The latter is absolutely a delicious combination with pate; the sweetness of the preserves and the savory flavor of the pate makes for excellent match.

This Gift Box contains:
Pate de Campagne or Country Pate is a classically prepared coarse pate made of ground pork, onions, garlic and spices.
Wild Forest Mushroom Pate; main ingredients premium pork and pork liver, chopped shiitake mushrooms and sherry wine.
Mousse de Foie de Canard au Porto or Duck Liver Mousse with Port Wine - a creamy smooth duck liver mousse with pork and Port wine.
Liver pate with goose liver, in Germany it is called Ganseleberwurst; it is a fine spreadable creamy pate that has similarities with the French pate de foie gras. This is not a French pate, but does complete the assortment nicely.
Cherry Fruit Paste is a lovely accompaniment to pate.

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