European Winter Traditions

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The Best of Europe's greatest winter food traditions, combined into a feast fit for a king. Enjoy brie and pate from France, truffle salami and classic prosciutto from Italy, Holland's best gouda, and much more.

What's inside:
Blue Stilton (8 oz.) This iconic blue cheese is a holiday favorite across Europe.
Caramelized Walnuts (3 oz.) Tasty, delicious walnuts coated in a crispy, crunchy caramel. 
Comte 12 Month (8 oz.) This famous French cheese is mild and balanced with a semi-firm texture. 
Delice De Bourgogne (7 oz.) Small triple cream cheese, like a fine brie, only better. 
Epoisses (8.8 oz.) This pungent French washed rind cheese is unique and unforgettable. 
Fig Almond Cake (5.3 oz.) A Spanish tradition, these fig cakes are made from the finest dried figs, combined with crunchy almonds for a great any time snack. 
Fresh Pack Cornichons (5.3 oz.) These small cornichons have a  zesty taste and a pleasing crunch. 
French Mini Toasts (2.8 oz.) The perfect tiny toast for your cheese platter.
Fresh Pack Garlic Stuffed Olives (5.3 oz.) Freshness preserved olives stuffed with garlic cloves. 
Pate De Campagne (5 oz.) Country style pate made with pork and pork liver.
P'tit Basque Wheel (24 oz.) A small wheel of young sheep's milk cheese.
Reypenaer VSOP 2 Year (4.7 oz.) The flagship gouda from Reypenaer.  
Castleton Alehouse Cheddar Crackers (5 oz.) These cheddar crackers are a staple of pubs in Europe.
Creminelli Salami Tartufo (5.5 oz.) Excellent salami flavored with black summer truffles. 
Seville Orange Tortas (6.3 oz.) This traditional Spanish snack combines fluffy pastry with zesty orange flavor. 
Salumi Italiani Sliced Prosciutto (4 oz.) The finest prosciutto from Italy, thin sliced. 
Sour Cherry Spread (9 oz.) This tasty spread is great with any cheese.

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