Feel Better Soon Gift Basket

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Not feeling ones best, this Gourmet Gift Basket will get you back to feeling great in no time. A small token of gourmet love for the one who needs to feel better soon.

Emmental (8 oz.) - cheese is healthy as it provides many nutrients. Not feeling so well, a savory snack with just a little extra spark may do you a world of good.
Citrus Fruit Green Tea - a seductive green tea, its small, fine and regular-shaped leaves produce a sweet and sophisticated beverage.
Tea Honey (12 oz.) - handcrafted honey mix from Savannah Georgia, where bees are in charge of the production of this silky fluid.
Cinnamon Sweet Olive Oil Tortas (6.3 oz.) - all natural, made with extra virgin olive oil and the finest ingredients. They are light, crisp, and perfectly sweet, enjoy with your morning coffee or afternoon tea..
Wild Strawberry Preserve (10.2 oz.) - delicate, little wild strawberries picked in small baskets and immediately preserved.
French Mini Toast (2.5 oz.) - tiny one-bite toasts are ideal with a bowl of soup or with cheese or pate.
Caramelized Walnuts (3 oz.) - also called candied walnuts; crunchy and delicious.

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