For the Gourmet Snacker

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Send to a friend or to someone in the office. An assortment with savory and sweet snacks that will compliment every cheese or meat platter. It contains:

Classic Cheddar Cheese Twists : the Australian version of the cheese straws.
Smokra: A healthy snack: Okra in brine with smoked paprika.
Pepper Shooters: an all in one snack: cherry peppers stuffed with Prosciutto and wrapped around Provolone cheese.
Olive Medley: green, black and Calamata olives in brine.
French Baby Gherkin: small cucumbers that are great to cleanse the palate.
Fig Almond Cake: a dense delicious cake with figs and almonds.
Piedras de Chocolate: Spanish almonds dipped in chocolate and then dusted with cocoa powder.
Dolmas: stuffed grape leaves are tender and delicious. The leaves are early harvest Sultana varietal grape leaves filled with long-grain Italian rice.
34 Degrees Chocolate Crisps: Thin crackers that will accompany all of the above.

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