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France - a country that produces a lot of gourmet food, cheese, wine, pate, name it. Many gourmet chefs come from France or had training in France and it is certainly not difficult to fill a gift baskets with French delicacies, so you can prepare or enjoy the French cuisine.

Champgane Vinegar -a delicate authentic flavor; it is full-bodied and interesting.
French Cornichons - Baby Sour Gherkin, very small cucumbers, pickled with salt, vinegar, onions and spices.
French Mini Toast - an ideal bite size cracker, great to serve with cheese, pate, and other meat.
French Honeysuckle Honey - refreshingly sweet honey with a very delicate but distinctly floral perfume.
Walnut Dijon Mustard - a French classic mustard that is full of flavor and has just the right amount of spice.
French Picnic Salt - is made from pure ocean salt, mustard, garlic, thyme, lavender, pink peppercorn.
Espelette Pepper - the beloved chile pepper of the Basque country. It has a subtle balance of delicate yet strong flavors.
Avocado Oil - a cold pressed extra virgin gourmet oil, fine, and pure.

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