German Charcuterie Collection

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Germans are masters of good meat. Wander any street fair across Germany and you’ll see huge grills over open fire roasting enticing meat of all kinds, served with mustard, bread, and some hearty encouragement. This collection aims to take us back, and features four distinct styles of German meats and some mustard.

Our German Charcuterie Collection contains the following:
Cooked Bratwurst 12 oz. – Classic German sausage fully cooked. Simply heat up and add your bread and mustard to do like the Germans do.
Teawurst 7 oz. – A sausage made for enjoying at teatime, made from pork and bacon, then seasoned and smoked. It’s very smooth and spreadable, almost pate-like.
Pate with Goose 7 oz. – Called ‘Ganseleberwurst’ in German, this smooth creamy pate is made from goose liver and meat. A fine spreading liverwurst, similar to French pate de foie.
Andouille Sausage 40 oz. – A classic German sausage which evolved into a regional favorite in American Cajun country. Slightly smoky and super delicious.
Dill Pickle Mustard– Mustard and pickles are perfect together. This producer has done the work and combined them in one jar. Tangy and absolutely delicious anywhere that calls for mustard or pickles.

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