German Meat Bundle

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The German people love good meat, and with one taste of their traditional products you'll know why. Delicious sausages, roasts, pates and more; they're clearly masters of the craft. This collection is a group of traditional German meats. Just add beer, a little mustard and some good bread.

Our German Meat Bundle contains the following:
Cooked Bratwurst 12 oz. – Classic German sausage fully cooked. Simply heat up and add your bread and mustard to do like the Germans do.
Teawurst 7 oz. – A sausage made for enjoying at teatime, made from pork and bacon, then seasoned and smoked. It’s very smooth and spreadable, almost pate-like.
Pate with Goose 7 oz. – Called ‘Ganseleberwurst’ in German, this smooth creamy pate is made from goose liver and meat. A fine spreading liverwurst, similar to French pate de foie.
Andouille Sausage 40 oz. – A classic German sausage which evolved into a regional favorite in American Cajun country. Slightly smoky and super delicious.

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