Gourmet Gift Basket for Him

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Father's Day, his birthday or just a way to say how much you care - our Gourmet Gift Basket for Him is created with the man in mind.

Aged Irish Cheddar (7 oz.) - is 1 year old and has a rich, nutty flavor and a smooth and firm texture.
Emmental (8 oz.) - a traditional Swiss gourmet cheese with a soft and consistent paste and a frank and fruity taste mixed with fine flavors.
Red Dragon (8 oz.) - a Welsh Cheddar that combines the subtle sharpness and depth of natural wholegrain mustard seeds with the mild, piquant taste notes of the Welsh ale.
Hot Capocollo, sliced (6 oz.) - made from a select cut of pork, the solid muscle between the head (capo) and the shoulder (collo). Capocollo is cured with just the right amount of seasonings and hung to age for at least 3 months.
Salametto (10-12 oz.) - an artisanal, coarse ground and garlic scented sausage that is rich in color and full in flavor.
Gold Medal Liver Pate (7 oz.) - a delightfully mild liverwurst of very fine consistency; and indeed an award winner.
Stuffed Olives (7.8 oz.) - high quality Halkidiki olives stuffed with Feta cheese.
Queso-Melt Orginal Dip (10 oz.) - a premium melting cheese that is great as a dip, for nachos, tacos.
Geraldine's Bodacious Cheddar Cheese Straws (4.5 oz.) - a wonderful blend of sharp cheddar that's a must at Southern parties.

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