Gourmet Gift Basket Full of Herbs and Flavor

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What would we do without herbs? They give the finishing touch to many of our dishes with regard to flavor, aroma, color, contrast and appearance and many are often seen as beneficial to our health. This gift basket is full of gourmet products with a variety of herbs and flavor:

Ginger - Gouda with Ginger, a wonderful combination on top of a Dutch Gouda.
Sage - Sage Derby is an English cheddar with sage marbled throughout the cheese – a stunning appearance.
Peppercorns - Marco Polo takes lightly milled green and black Madagascar peppercorns and blends them with an award winning American Cheddar.
Valencia Almonds with Herbs -large fried Spanish Almonds just a little extra kick that makes them irresistible.
Big John's Cajun Cheese - a spicy hand-rubbed cheese that packs a heated punch as you near the rind.
Peppered Salami - a traditional boldly seasoned air-dried sausage. Salami is best served at room temperature and can be eaten as a snack or as part of an antipasto platter.
Raspberry - This Vincotto, literally a cooked wine, is a dark, sweet dense grape must. It is Italian, rich, versatile and smooth and is great on meats, salads, fruit sorbets and ice cream.
Cilantro - Bear Ponds Vibrant Cilantro Pesto is piquant and aromatic. Try this pesto in combination with chicken, salmon on a bruschetta.
Tuscan herbs - Australian Tuscan Wafers, very light and crisp crackers with sundried tomato, basil and garlic and a waffle imprint. Because they are very thin they are a perfect march with pate and cheese.
Rosemary - 34 Degrees' thin crispbread with Rosemary; a fabulous flavor, a crispy texture and extremely thin.

All these delicious products are nicely packed in a picnic hamper creating a beautiful gift.

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