Gluten Free Gift Basket

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A lovely gourmet gift for those with an intolerance or allergy to gluten. Quite a number of products are naturally gluten free and others have been manufactured without gluten containing ingredients or gluten containing ingredients were substituted for gourmet alternatives.

Salami Barolo (6 oz.) - the richness of the Barolo wine lingers in thisCreminelli artisan salami creating a truly complex, bursting flavor.
Smokra (15 oz.) - Spanish smoked paprika gives the okra a deep, zesty flavor.
Fig Pomegranate Jam (10 oz.) - made with sweet figs with a tang of pomegranate and a earthy hint of nutmeg.
Bonita Del Norte Tuna Fish (8.3 oz.) - Bonito del Norte, an authentic white tuna, is the most oceanic species in the tuna family.
Honey Plus Apricot (10.6 oz.) - made from a blend of clover honey sourced from bee hives around New Zealand and apricots.
Coffee Rub (2.5 oz.) - consists of robust coffee, Ancho chile, brown sugar, salt and other spices and is the ideal rub for beef, pork, lamb, duck and salmon, wild game or even desserts.
Aged Parmesan Crisps (3 oz.) - made from a special blend of pure aged cheeses, resulting in a crunchy complex cracker with a uniquely subtle flavor.

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