Gourmet Dinner Gift Basket

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This basket is filled to the rim with choices. You can eat out of this basket for months and never eat the same. A great gift for a housewarming party, newly weds, students moving out or friends moving in together.

Our Gourmet Dinner Gift Basket contains:
Wagon wheel pasta: pasta in the form of cute little wheels.
Tri-colored Orzo: a great pasta for casseroles, soup, or salads (cold and warm).
Vesuvio Pasta: this pasta is wonderful will smooth sauces.
Steel cut Oats: a whole grain variety to rice or pasta. Also a comforting breakfast of lunch.
Stoneground white grits: a coarse grits that you can serve with vegetables, cheese, meat, fish.
Acquerello Carnaroli Rice: the best Italian rice there is Your risotto will never be the same.
Fregola Sarda: another great dinner staple. It's like toasted couscous.
Hawaii Black Salt: who can live without salt.
Red Balsamic Cream: a syrup like reduction of the Balsamic Vinegar that is perfect for adding that distinctive Balsamic flavor to any number of dishes, incl dessert.
Roasted Eggplant Spread: this spread has a rich and smoky flavor of flame-roasted eggplant. It is a great dip, but also use it as a pizza topping or in a pasta sauce.

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