Gourmet Gift Box for Two

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Just the two of you; you and your partner, spending an afternoon together, or an evening. Watching a nice movie, just enjoying each other's company outside in the shade on the porch or on a picnic blanket. Talking, laughing with a roaring fire in the fire place or listening to good music. So much you can do together and you can make it memorable with something nice to nibble on:

Green Hill - a gourmet cheese has a white, bloomy rind; and has a rich and smooth, velvety flavor. Inside the beautiful white rind you will find a bright yellow cheese, caused by the higher butterfat composition in the milk due to rotational grazing at the Sweet Grass Dairy farm.
Salami Casalingo - based on the recipe of the province of Biella in Italy; it does not have a strong, overbearing taste and this is the secret of its success: sweetness and simplicity.
Pate with Goose - a smooth, creamy pate that is made from goose liver and goose meat.
Accompanied by some Pear with Honey and Ginger Preserves and Whole Wheat Mini Toast.

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