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The Greek cuisine is a typical Mediterranean cuisine, rich in vegetables, olives, cheese, meat, yogurt, herbs and more. Our Greek Classic Gift Basket will give you many ingredients for a fabulous Greek dinner party.

Mizithra (8 oz.) - a grating cheese made from sheep's milk and some added whey. The cheese is easy to cut, snow-white, creamy, and granular; its flavor is similar to ricotta salata.
Kasseri (6 oz.) - the melting cheese of Greece, made from fresh milk of free-ranging sheep and goats. The texture of the cheese is firm and creamy and the flavor is rich and buttery. Kasseri is a fine table cheese.
Feta (7 oz.) - a classic and best known Greek cheese whose tradition dates back thousands of years. Feta is firm, slightly crumbly with a creamy, slightly tangy flavor.
Olives stuffed with Citrus (7.8 oz.) - Halkidiki olives stuffed with orange and lemon peel.
Dolmas (7-oz.) - early harvest Sultana varietal grape leaves filled with long-grain Italian rice. Sweet and tender with lemon and herb finish.
Pitted Kalamata Olives (10.2 oz.) - A meaty world-class Greek olive.
Reniers Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil (16.9 fl.oz.) - a olive oil from Crete; sweet, fruity and fragrant with a slight peppery finish.
Artichoke Spread (7.3 oz.) - a spread of artichokes with lemon, garlic, herbs, spices and olive oil.

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