Italian Classic Gift Box

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Italy is a wonderful source of great gourmet food items and this small box contains an assortment of goodness the Italian countryside has to offer:

Gorgonzola Dolce (7 oz) - an Italian blue cheese that is characterized by a soft texture with a limited soft blue-green marbling.
Sharp Provolone cheese (8 oz) - a multiple award-winner that is aged for 7 months to develop a sharp flavor.
White Balsamic Cream (8.5 fl.oz.) - when you would like to add balsamic syrup to a dish, but don't like to alter the color of the dish, this white Balsamic cream is your answer.
Truffle and Salt (4 oz.) - fine Sicilian sea salt with tiny pieces of black summer truffle.
Sliced Pancetta (3 oz.) - an Italian bacon that is cured with salt and spices and air-dried, but not smoked.
Fregola Sarda (1 lb.) - a Sardinian pasta, that has a lot of similarities with couscous or Acini de Pepe. Big difference is that the Fregola Sarda is toasted.

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