Kosher Treats Gift Baskets

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A gift basket full of kosher gourmet treats, for the Kosher Gourmands.

Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon (4 oz.) - the gourmet prize of smoked salmon and is a mark of unequaled excellence; always made from fresh salmon.
Chocolate Mini Babka (14 oz.) - made by Green's Bakery, baked fresh and made of all-natural, nut-free ingredient and require no preparation before serving, just a little heat.
Acquerello Carnaroli Rice (17.6 oz.) - Acquerello is the rice grown, aged, whitened and packed in Italy and appreciated by some of the most famous professional chefs.
Salmon Rub (2.7 oz.) - a natural spices for rich ancho chili and paprika flavors; ideal on salmon, seafood, chicken, and pork.
Private Stock Cheddar (8 oz.) - an award-winning very smooth, extra sharp cheddar.
Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese (4 oz.) - a wonderful combination of sweet and tartness packed in vibrantly red cranberries.

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