Mediterranean of Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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We offer you a selection of Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oils and each has its own special reason to be in this assortment:

Italian - After the olives are crushed the oil rises to the surface detaching itself naturally from the water 'Affiorato' (surfacing). This oil has a fresh and delicate taste. From Italy
French: an extra virgin olive oil that is made from the first cold pressing of Provencal olives. The oil is fragrant, yet smooth with a low acidity.
Greek: Reniers Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Singular estate oil that captures the freshness and aroma of the Mediterranean most prized olives. Single varietal, single estate oil. Sweet, fruity and fragrant with a slight peppery finish.
Spanish: A single variety extra virgin organic olive oil made wholly from Arbequina olives. Yellow gold in color, tinged with green with fragrance of tomato vines and hints of freshly cut grass, with background notes of green apple.

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