Nielsen-Massey Extracts Assortment

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Known for producing the finest pure extracts used by bakers and professional pastry chefs around the world, Nielsen-Massey's name is practically synonymous with the word Extract. Surprise the baker or pastry maker in your life with this supply of pure flavoring extracts that they can use to make delicious cakes, cookies, candies and more.

Includes one 18 oz. bottle of each:
Pure Lemon Extract - A great flavor in many of your dishes, from sweet to savory, from baking to juices. It is also great in combination with anything vanilla, orange, and almond.
Pure Almond Extract - Used to add the warm, mellow, nutty flavor of almonds to baked good favorites such as pies and pastries.
Pure Peppermint Extract - Ideal for use in cookies, bark, candy canes, ice cream, tea, fruit salads, cakes, icings. Don't forget that peppermint is great with lamb, pork and poultry and some creative cocktails.