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If you can't attend Germany's most famous festival in person, try this Oktoberfest collection instead. All the classic German treats are represented, just add lots of beer.

Our Oktoberfest Collection contains the following:
Butterkase Cheese 8 oz. – Named 'butter cheese' in German, this cheese is meant to taste just like butter, and it does. Firm and bouncy in texture, it's wonderful to cook with, melt, or eat straight.
Limburger Cheese 6.4 oz. – One of Germany's most famous cheeses, and a pungent one at that. The exterior is quite aromatic, but the inside not so much. The cheese itself is salty, meaty, and buttery - perfect with a pint.
Grand Noir 8 oz. – A very creamy, smooth German blue ideal for eating on a board, or cooking with.
Cooked Bratwurst 12 oz. – Classic German sausage fully cooked. Simply heat up and add your bread and mustard like the Germans do.
Teawurst 7 oz. – A sausage made for enjoying at teatime, made from pork and bacon, then seasoned and smoked. It’s very smooth and spreadable, like pate.
Andouille Sausage 40 oz. – A classic German sausage which evolved into a regional favorite in American Cajun country. Slightly smoky and super delicious.
Original Sin Mustard 9 oz. – A grainy, spicy mustard, perfect with charcuterie, a giant pretzel and more. This mustard is good enough to stand on its own and will elevate any pairing.
Cornichons 12.4 oz. – Bite-sized pickles perfect for refreshing some of the richness of sausages, cheese and more. Great with bread, charcuterie, and a little mustard.
Brioche Rolls 9.9 oz. – Wander the streets of any German town, and you'll see big sausages sold piping hot on the street. They're always served with a roll and bit of mustard. These are perfect for charcuterie, cheese, or alone with a little butter.

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