Olive Lover's Gift Basket

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Olives and Olive Oil is very healthy and tasteful, so it will not surprise you that an Olive themed Gift Basket is a popular item. We have gathered the following products in this Oval Gift Basket:

Olive Stuffed with Garlic - ready to consume.
Foglie d'Ulivo -an artisan dry organic pasta that is hand-molded into a shape resembling an olive leaf, and the beautiful green color comes from spinach. The green maintains a luminescent quality after cooking and has a delightful texture.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain - made from the olive variety Arbequina. Yellow gold in color, tinged with green. A limpid, bright oil whose medium intense fragrance offers primary notes of tomato vines and hints of freshly cut grass, with background notes of green apple.
Olive Medley - crunchy California green olives, plum-purple, smoky Calamata and mildly tart Black Greek olives.
Kalamata Olive Spread - rich, savory and aromatic and is excellent on pizza, focaccia, sandwiches and pasta.
Olive Oil Crackers - only the finest cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is used for this truly unique cracker.

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