Pasta and Rice Gift Basket

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Our Pasta and Rice Gift Basket has a lot of variety and you will be cooking dishes that will surprise your family and guests. You will hear wows and receive compliments for the beautiful dishes. All items are packed in a basket that contains:

Foglie d'Ulivo, a dry pasta shaped as olive leaves and the beautiful green color comes from spinach. The green maintains a luminescent quality after cooking and has a delightful texture.
Farfalline Arcobaleno, rainbow bowties, an organic dry pasta, hand-made and a luminous color.
Bamboo Rice, a short-grain rice is infused with the chlorophyll from young bamboo, giving your recipes an extra dimension.
Multigrain Caviar Medley, a unique mix of parboiled long-grain rice, wheat berries and pasta. A unique mix of texture, flavor and color.
Zucca Pasta, an organic pasta that has the shape of a pumpkin with the top cut off, so it is a pasta with a pocket.
Mezzo Pacchero Pasta, a smooth, rather thick tube of approximately 1 inch long, that easily to hold sauces with large pieces of meat, fruit or vegetables,
Fregola Sarda, this is a Sardinian pasta that has a lot of similarities with couscous. Fregola Sarda is toasted.

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