Gourmet Pate Platter

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Pate is as exciting as cheese and is a wonderful alternative to a cheese plate or even better wonderful in combination with a cheese assortment. Our Pate Platter consists of 4 pates/terrines, each 5-8 ounces:

Pate de Campagne (country pate): a traditional French pate; coarse and very tasteful.
Duck Liver Mousse with Cognac: a smooth mousse made with duck liver and pork and fine cognac; all natural and sinfully delicious.
Pate with Goose: a smooth, creamy pate that is made from goose liver and goose meat.
Pate with Truffles: a creamy pate with tiny pieces of black truffles.
French Mini Toasts: tiny one-bite toasts are ideal for serving a variety of gourmet cheese and other delicacies. They add a nice crunch to the soft pates.

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