Prima Pasta Gift Basket

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Prima Pasta it will be with this fine selection of items that has everything for many great pasta dishes. All items are packed in a willow picnic basket that contains:

Foglie d'Ulivo, a dry pasta shaped as olive leaves and the beautiful green color comes from spinach. The green maintains a luminescent quality after cooking and has a delightful texture.
Farfalline Arcobaleno, rainbow bowties, an organic dry pasta, hand-made and a luminous color.
Four Cheese Sacchetti, small beggars purses filled with velvet ricotta, fresh mozzarella, asiago and parmesan.
Tuscan Vodka Sauce, a wonderful creamy pasta sauce, as if it flown in from an Italian dinner table.
Sharp Provolone, aged for 7 months and has a sharp, distinct flavor that you may be looking for to add a little spark to your dishes.
Premium Basil Pesto, silky and sublime, made with organic basil. One tub may be too much for one dish, but since you can freeze and re-freeze this all natural gourmet pestos; there is no waste, no spoilage.

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