Gourmet Sausage Gift Tray

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For those of you who prefer meat or more specifically sausage over gourmet cheese, we selected some fine dry salamis that will satisfy your cravings.

Mild Chorizo - the well-known Spanish sausage that is flavored with chili, paprika and garlic.
Pinot Grigio Salami - Italians know how to through a party; they will bring out the wine, the cheese, the antipasti and the latter most likely include some kind of salami - our Pinot Grigio Salami.
Salami Casalingo - 'the salami of the house', an Italian salami with simple and natural ingredients.
Pepper Salami- Dry Salami is the traditional boldly seasoned air-dried sausage. The Pepper variety is rolled in ground black peppercorns.
Walnut Dijon Mustard is the ideal condiment with these sausages.

Our Tray is made from Seagrass and Wire and is not a throw-away; you can use it again to serve crackers, toast, bread or as a centerpiece with fruit or dried flowers.

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