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The perfect gift for the gourmand chef who has everything- A little spice to change up their flavor routines! Includes one container of Truffle and Salt, Fennel Pollen, and Esplette PDO pimento powder. A variety of flavors and tastes that is sure to excite even the most sophisticated taste buds.

Truffle Salt - This small jar of fine Sicilian sea salt with tiny pieces of black summer truffle compliments many dishes of all cuisines. Your omelet, pasta, salad, vegetables, potatoes, sandwiches will all benefit from a little sprinkle of black truffle sea salt.
Fennel Pollen - Fennel pollen is sifted out the fennel flowers when they are at full bloom, creating a seasoning that has a similar flavor and aroma of fennel, but is not quite the same; curry, anise and honey-lemon overtones.
Esplette Pepper Powder PDO - Piment d'Espelette is AOC from the Basque region of France, a highly regarded and sought after pepper. You can use Espelette Pepper as a substitute for black pepper, like on meats, ham, pate or in sausages or in sauces or sprinkle it on mashed potatoes, eggs or on sandwiches. Its flavor is sweet with slightly bitter notes and medium heat that builds and lingers.

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