Spanish Charcuterie Collection

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Spain's national cuisine is world-renowned for its emphasis on regional dishes and down-to-earth yet remarkable flavors. Meat is central to Spanish cuisine, especially pork. Tapas are a famous way to savor these flavors. This collection offers four traditional Spanish cured meats. Use this group to build a charcuterie board, a tapas evening, or to familiarize with Spain's delicious traditions.

Our Spanish Charcuterie Collection contains the following:
Sliced Serrano Ham (3 oz.) – Spain’s most famous cured meat, typically shaved paper thin off an entire cured pork leg as it’s enjoyed. Most homes have a stand for a whole leg, which is the center of any tapas occasion. Similar to Italian prosciutto, salty and rich.
Sliced Chorizo (4 oz.) – Spanish style salami, seasoned with smoked paprika, which makes it vivid red and gives the most irresistible smoky savory flavor.
Sliced Spanish Salchichon (3 oz.) – Spanish style salami made by boutique charcuterie house The Spotted Trotter. This salami is flavored with Spanish paprika and Spanish sherry, and cold smoked over pecan wood.
Sliced Lomo (2 oz.) – Whole pork tenderloin is brined in a blend of salt, brown sugar, orange zest, garlic and spices, then rubbed paprika and orange zest, and dried for 5 weeks. Uncommon in the U.S.

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