Specialty Meats Gift Tray

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This selection of fine gourmet meats will certainly be a nice gift for your friend who loves the various meaty delicacies. It contains the following:

Sliced Serrano Ham - a great gourmet ham with a rich nutty flavor, cured in the mountains of Spain.
Salametto - a handcrafted salami, coarsely ground and garlic scented. The sausage is rich in color and full in flavor. Great for picnics.
Salami Tartufo - this artisan salami is seasoned, dried and has black truffle hidden away in the small sausage.
Mild Chorizo - the best-known Spanish cured sausage, ready to eat with your favorite cheese and wine, or just a chunk of crusty bread. It is made from coarsely chopped pork and usually seasoned with chili, paprika and garlic.
Gold Medal Liver Pate - a delightfully mild liverwurst of very fine consistency; like a pate
Bavaria-style mustard - a German style mustard made by Schaller & Weber who continue to win awards in the European competitions.

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