Spicy Gourmet Gift Basket

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You will enjoy this fiesty Gourmet Gift Basket as it contains a variety of spicy gourmet products; cheese, crackers, salami, spreads and more:

Gouda with Ginger (5.1 oz.) - a 10 months old gouda cheese covered with ginger for a balanced favorite flavor.
Hot Capocollo (3 oz.) - an Italian select cut of pork, cured with just the right amount of seasonings and hung to age for at least 3 months.
Salami Piccante (5.5 oz.) - made with paprika and hot peppers and comes from the Calabria region of Italy.
Hot Chorizo (7.9 oz.) - the best-known Spanish cured sausage, seasoned with hot smoked Spanish paprika (pimenton picante).
Raz-Pepper Jalapeno Preserve (11 oz.) a sweet flavor, a rich red color plus an impressive list of health benefits. Mix these yummy raspberries with jalapenos and you have a sweet hot preserve.
Espelette Pepper (1.6 oz.) - the beloved chile pepper of the Basque country.
Z-Crackers with Sea Salt and Olive Oil: a ideal cracker for all spicy toppings.

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