Spotted Trotter Charcuterie Bundle

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The Spotted Trotter was founded in 2009 in Atlanta, GA and uses sustainably and locally sourced meats and ingredients. Featuring the flavors and terroir of the southeastern United States, these products have incredibly well balanced flavors that make this truly outstanding charcuterie shine.

This bundle contains one package each of the following:

Black Pepper Sorghum Salami (3 oz.) This fantastic salami takes has a delightful twist with the spice of cracked black pepper combined with the sweetness of sorghum. 
Coppa (3 oz.) Spiced and cured whole pork shoulder, that has been washed with red wine and dry aged for 4 weeks. 
Finocchiona Salami (3 oz.) Traditional Italian salami with fennel, a standout with an incredible flavor. 
Lamb and Beef Sujuk Salami (3 oz.) This delicious pork-free salami combines lamb and beef with toasted cumin, crushed garlic, and sumac for a unique show stopping taste. 
Spanish Salchichon (3 oz.) A twist on the classic Spanish sausage, this salami is simply seasoned with salt and black pepper, with the addition of Spanish Paprika and Spanish Sherry and then cold smoked on pecan wood for an incredible flavor. 

All thin sliced and ready to enjoy.

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