Thinking of You Gourmet Gift Basket

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A basket full of gourmet items to say "I'm Thinking of You' to the one person in your life that is important to you. The lovely basket includes the following:

Red Balsamic Cream - a syrup like reduction of the Balsamic Vinegar is perfect for adding that distinctive Balsamic flavor to any number of dishes.
Seville Orange Tortas - all-natural Spanish sweet treats, made with crystallized Seville oranges and sprinkled with sugar. They make the perfect dessert complement and will satisfy any sweet tooth.
Sweet n Tangy Mustard Seeds - These mustard seeds are like little flavor bursts in your mouth and make for a unique topping for sandwiches, burger, hot dogs.
Saffron - one of the most expensive food products in the world that will add magic, a delicate flavor, color and aroma to your dishes.
Wild Cherries in Amarena Syrup - Only the best wild cherries are carefully selected and stoned, then candied in wild cherry syrup according to an original recipe. Try these wild cherries (warm or cold) with ice cream, cakes, fruit salads, yogurt, milk shakes or other dessert creations.
Foglie d'Ulivo - an artisan dry organic pasta that is hand-molded into a shape resembling an olive leaf, and the beautiful green color maintains a luminescent quality after cooking and has a delightful texture.
Hot Steve Salt - A seriously spicy chile salt. Great for margaritas or Bloody Marys, soups and chili, Mexican fare.

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