Tray of Italian Antipasto

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Antipasto or Antipasti is Italian and means literally 'before the pasta'. A classic Italian menu has more courses than an American menu and pasta is traditionally the first main course, which makes the antipasto the appetizer or if you like the hors d’oeuvre course.

The antipasto can consist of a number of different foods, and could in general be almost anything that you would like to serve as an an appetizer. Traditionally an Italian Antipasto can have four different types of food groups: meats, olives, vegetables, and cheeses.

Meats served as antipasti are usually served cold, and may be ham, sausages, or cured meats. We have selected sliced Prosciutto and a Salami Sopressata; an artisan salami.

Olives are a staple of Italian cuisine, and we are sure you have them in your pantry.

Vegetables served as antipasti are usually served raw, or perhaps marinated.

Cheeses are also an important part of the antipasti. Usually, traditional Italian cheeses are served; we selected a Parmigiano Reggiano,  and a Sharp Provolone, very traditional Italian cheese that pairs with almost anything. Last but not least we added a small jar of Balsamic Jelly and a bag of Traditional Crostini, to add some crunch to you entire antipasto experience.

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