Truffle Hunted Gift Box

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The flavor and aroma of black and white truffles are just magnificent and we captured them in this gift box, filled with truffle specialties. An ideal gift for your favorite foodie as there are many ways these truffled foods and be used and explored.

Truffle Mousse: (5 oz.) French-style pate made with pork, turkey and chicken liver, sherry, truffles, wild mushrooms and spices and is a delightful mixture of rich, sensuous flavors and creamy, delicate textures.
Salami Tartufo: (6 oz.) a few black summer truffles hidden away in Creminelli's all natural pork salami.
Black Truffle Salt: (4 oz.) a special Sicilian sea salt that gives you an easy way to add ground black truffle and sea salt to your dishes.
Truffle Honey: (8.8 oz.) perfect for meat glaze, crepe dressing, cheese, spreading over fruit or cake, or topping off ice cream and sorbet.
Truffle Tremor (15 oz.) a bloomy white velvety rind that covers a delicate goat's milk cheese that has tiny little pieces of black truffle.

All packed in our glossy burgundy gift box.

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