Ultimate Salami Collection

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Our Ultimate Salami Collection covers a wide variety of salamis, and include some of our favorites, some artisanal and best sellers. Enjoy this collection:

Salami Sopressata: a robust taste thanks to the generous amount of garlic added. It is produced with the highest quality pork cuts, coarsely ground with salt added.
Hot Chorizo: an all time Spanish favorite; made from coarsely chopped pork and usually seasoned with chili, hot smoked paprika and garlic.
Salametto: a salami crafted by Fra' Mani according to the finest Italian pastoral traditions, using the highest-quality pork; coarse ground and garlic scented.
Peppered Salami: mildly spiced, laced with wine and hand-rolled in freshly cracked peppercorns.
Wild Boar Salami: made with a mixture of field harvested Texas wild boar and all natural Duroc pork belly, and seasoned with wine-soaked cloves and juniper berries.
Walnut Dijon Mustard: a traditional French mustard, full of flavor and has just the right amount of spice.
French Mini Toast: a tiny sturdy French piece of toast, great of everything entertaining.

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