Stone Ground Speckled White Grits

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Stone Ground grits are the best grits you can eat. There are different kinds of grits available; regular or quick grits and the main difference is the coarseness of the grain, the granulation and thus the cooking time and texture.

Stone Ground grits are coarse, the type of grits that chefs will use, the type of grits that will actually taste like corn and that have texture. Once you have eaten these, we are convinced that you will agree with us.

Logan Turnpike Mill's are producing these grits from Georgia grown corn through an old-fashioned stone-grinding process. The stone grinding process utilizes the whole grain, nothing is removed; they also grind at a much lower temperature than the high-speed roller mills used today in commercial milling. Keeping the grains cool does not destroy the heat sensitive nutrients and makes for a much more flavorful and healthy product.

Anything can go with grits, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, sweet, savory, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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