Feta Cheese

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Pasteurized MilkYes
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Feta, surely the most well-known cheese of Greece. Its tradition travels over thousands of years. The milk used in making this Mt Vikos Feta is a blend of milk from free-ranging sheep and goats, grazing on the hillsides, eating wild grasses, herbs, wildflowers, and local vegetation. The animals do not get any antibiotics or hormones. The shepherds who tend the herds do the actual milking. The fresh milk is brought to the dairy where it is pasteurized and made into cheese the very next day.

This wonderfully gourmet cheese, pure white in color, is matured in brine developing a flavor that can be described as creamy, slightly tangy, clean like sweet milk; characteristics of a classic Feta cheese. On the cusp of tangy, and of course crumbly, is exactly what you ask from a quality Feta cheese.

Enjoy this premium feta in a traditional quiche or frittata or over eggs. Why not try stuffing into a squash blossom and deep frying for a great appetizer or garnish. Feta can also been enjoyed drizzled with olive oil and garnished with fresh oregano.

Ingredients:pasteurized sheep and goat's milk, sea salt, bacterial culture, microbial rennet.