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Mizithra or Myzithra is an old Greek cheese and similar to an Italian Ricotta cheese, but a lot dryer. Made from sheep's milk, the flavor is more pronounced than the ricotta: rather nutty and salty.

This Greek cheese has a very dry and crumbly texture; it is very easy to cut and grate, you can almost grate it with a knife or fork.

This cheese works wonderfully blended into pasta dishes; Mizithra does not melt fully. Many know this cheese from the Mizithra-Pecorino Romano cheese blend used by Old Spaghetti Factory.

We hand-cut and wrap the cheese in pieces of 1 pound (cut in one or more pieces); you can also buy the entire cheese (approximately 1.5 pounds).

Please note that entire forms may vary slightly in total weight, you will be charged for the actual weight of the entire form that you will receive.

Ingredients:pasteurized sheep's milk and cream, whey and salt.
Being a first time shopper with Gourmet-Food I was very pleased with their customer service. They answered my questions before ordering the cheese. We've had this cheese many times since we are GREEK and was so pleased it was the KRINOS brand. Cheese came in an insulated box and was shipped via FedEx and arrived the next day. FedEx is the way to go, especially when you are ordering cheese, etc. We got two whole balls of cheese and totaled around 3lbs. I grated the cheese in our food processor and put into a freezer bag and put into freezer. Stays fresher longer. The taste is fantastic. Will order again.

This is wonderful with pasta (spaghetti) and burnt butter. And your pricing is great also.