Gluten-Free Ham

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This boneless Iberico Ham, or Jamon Iberico is cured for 24 months using artisanal methods, in La Alberca, in Spain, a Natural Reserve declared a World Heritage. The texture and aroma of this ham are a result of a slow curing process in a... read more
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This Oven Roasted Ham with Rosemary combines some of the same great characteristics as the Old Fashioned Ham with the addition of rosemary to enhance its delicate roasted flavor. This gourmet ham is cooked in a dry heat oven, giving the product... read more
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Serrano ham is one of the traditional Spanish meats and one of the characteristic items you will see when ordering tapas. This ham is boneless, which makes give you more ham per pound and more flexibility when cutting it. Made from the best... read more
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Serrano ham or as the Spaniards will say Jamon Serrano. This is in theory very similar to the Italian Prosciutto. The difference that may determine the flavor is the type of pig used to create the ham and then obviously the diet of the pigs.... read more
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The Tartufotto is made in the traditional Italian way by roasting a fresh 3-muscle ham joint in a dry heat oven. This lean roasted ham is then infused with an aromatic truffle flavor that completes the flavors of this delicate ham. It is an all... read more
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