Prosciutto Boneless Half

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Approx. Weight: 3 lbs.
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This Half Boneless Prosciutto comes from Columbus Craft Meats in California. They start with top quality, fresh hams, which they rub with a little bit of salt. These hams are then placed in an aging room for slow drying for at least 90 days. Their curing Masters check the prosciutto daily in the traditional Italian manner handed down for hundreds of years.

After this aging process the hams are hand-trimmed to create a leaner piece of meat for you. This lean prosciutto meat is absolutely delicious as an appetizer with fruit or wrapped around meat or chicken or vegetables. A prosciutto sandwich is delicious as well, or think about it in a sauce for your pasta.

Please note that hams are often not exactly the indicated weight; we'll therefore charge your credit card according to the weight of the ham that will be shipped to you.

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