Rossa Heirloom Prosciutto, boneless

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Approx. Weight: 9 lbs.
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La Quercia Rossa Heirloom Prosciutto is the first and only single-breed, dry cured ham made in the USA. Breeding plays a key role in dry cured ham quality because it influences muscle structure, muscle fiber, water holding capacity, fat quality, and internal meat characteristics. Prosciutto flavor develops from the inside, so these factors are especially important.

La Quercia Rossa's special qualities derive from the resources of the local geography. Berkshire pork, developed in the US over 150 years ago from British stock, is experiencing a resurgence for its eating qualities. This meat comes from a very limited supply of humanely raised 100% Berkshire pigs with access to the out of doors, a place to root and a place to socialize. They receive no antibiotics, animal by products, or added hormones. The rich heartlands of Iowa furnish plentiful and healthful diets that make unnecessary food processing byproducts used elsewhere.

This ham weighs approximately 9 pounds.

NOTE: Hams are often not exactly the indicated weight; we'll therefore charge your credit card according to the weight of the ham that will be shipped to you.

Ingredients:pork, salt.