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Speck is basically a ham that is very similar to a prosciutto; the big difference is that the Speck is dry-cured and smoked and aged while a prosciutto is dry-cured and aged.

Citterio's version is made from de-boned pig thighs that are cut into slabs, trimmed of excess fat, then seasoned with juniper berries and other aromatic spices. These naturally cold smoked before being slowly dry-air aged for several months to develop speck's characteristic flavor and silky texture.

Speck does not need any preparation; it is ready-to-eat and there are many ways to enjoy and serve speck. It can simply be sliced and served as an appetizer or in a sandwich with oil, tomatoes and basil. However, it can also be added to pasta, risotto, soups and pizza, enhancing the taste of the dishes.

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