Speck Americano Sliced

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Approx. Weight: 3 oz.
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When a 9 pounds Speck is too much, try this Sliced Speck Americano version; just 3 ounces. It is the same smoked ham, same flavor and made by the same award-winning La Quercia.

This 3 oz. package of thinly sliced Speck Americano give you the opportunity to create a fantastic antipasto platter, make a delicious sandwich or use it in your favorite recipe.

Speck Americano is cured for 8-10 months (35 weeks minimum) while Speck Alto Adige is cured a minimum of 20 weeks. Time of aging is one factor that can influence richness of flavor. The flavor is wonderful - buttery and rich.

Ingredients:pork, sea salt.