Alfalfa Honey

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Alfalfa Honey is a lovely pale honey, that has a smooth, rich, almost buttery taste. It has some herbal tones and a slight beewax aroma. The honey pairs well with blue cheese and triple creme cheese. A wonderful combination with your fruity breakfast, a stack of pancakes.

Alfalfa Honey or Erba Medica in Italian is produced from the Medicago sativa plant. An abundantly flowering plant, that is used in many countries for grazing. It is the flat area of Pianura Padana region or Po Valley in Italy where the farmers grow the alfalfa. This is also the area where the cows graze that produce milk for the Parmigiano Reggiano.

The bees that collect the nectar from the alfalfa flower feast on the crops during the summer months. The extract nectar from the flower is tricky, the flower has a kind of 'snap' mechanism that 'traps' the bee to make sure it gets pollinated. Bees don't really like this and found a side-entrance into the flower that does not trigger the 'snap'. Consequently, the flower is not pollinated. This adaptation by the bees forces the beekeepers to use experienced and inexperienced bees to collect the nectar and guarantee pollination at the same time.

Note: Children under the age of one year should not consume raw honey.