Acacia Honeycomb

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When you want your honey just the way the bees made it, Savannah Bee Honeycomb is for you. It is 100% edible, has a great flavor and taste. Take the honeycomb out of its small box and in a short while the honey will start running out; it is mouth watering. The honeycombs come from Hungary where the crop of acacia honey was bountiful last year. Acacia honey is one of the most popular raw honeys; it is has a delicate sweetness, is very clear and it crystallizes slowly. Sometimes acacia honey is called Moon honey or Water honey. Acacia honey is produced widely across Europe but is scarce in the US and it is the only honey Savannah Bee imports.

Filled with honey equaling the life's work of 2 bees, each golden cell brims with the concentrated nectar of thousands of rare and remote Georgia flowers. Serve the honeycomb with wine and cheese; such as Manchego, Piave, a creamy blue, or a goat cheese. Spread the honey on a warm slice of toast, a hot biscuit or just a freshly cut slice of artisan or country bread. In combination with fruit, this honey is delightful; apples, pears, apricots or figs. There are so many delicious ways to serve the honeycomb.

Yes, you can eat the wax; it is very soft and not even close to what you might think of candle wax. It has little to no flavor, it is a little chewy, but not at all unpleasant.

Note: Children under the age of one year should not consume raw honey.

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