Chestnut Honey

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This French Chestnut Honey is produced during the summertime from the sweet chestnut flower in the Pyrenees mountains that run on the border between France and Spain.

Chestnut honey is spicy, it has a dark amber color, and a complex flavor: smokey, leathery, and a herbal and pungent aroma. The flavor of this gourmet honey is slightly bitter. Pair this honey with Saint Nectaire cheese, blue cheese or use it with game or chicken, try to incorporate it in your cookie recipe, or sweeten your cup of tea.

Bernard Michaud, founder of the company in 1920, is a pioneer of modern beekeeping. The expertise of Michaud family beekeepers (they work with more than 500 beekeepers) is based on the diversity and quality of French honey, popular in France and around the world. They continue to preserve the old tradition craft, while adapting to the modern challenges.

Note: Children under the age of one year should not consume raw honey.

Ingredients:pure natural raw unfiltered honey.
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