Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey Cheese

Picture of aged cheddar with irish whiskey cheese
Approx. Weight: 8 ounces
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Approx. Weight: 1 pound
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At Kerrygold they know a thing or two about making cheese and this cheddar, infused with Irish whiskey is a testament to that.

The light yellow cheddar is encased in black wax; a nice contrast in colors which is important when you entertain. The flavor if this aged cheddar is rich and creamy and the added Irish whiskey is smooth, woody and nutty; the combination is wonderful.

We hand-cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 1 pound and 8 ounces.

If you would like to purchase an entire wheel of 5 pounds, please contact us by email or phone.

Ingredients:Cheddar Cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes) whiskey.
I had to try this cheese at room temperature to really appreciate it. It is then that the whiskey flavor comes through. Although subtle, the flavor is unmistakably a fine whiskey and there is this little pop of flavor like alcohol being released from a bubble that hits your palate in a tasty surprise. If you are someone who likes the taste of whiskey, you will love this cheese. I only pair this with mild, crisp apples so the flavor is not tampered with. This is a great product for the cheese board but those who don't drink may not be able to appreciate it's flavor. Hubby does not like this cheese and if I want to cook with alcohol he can taste the least little bit. Definitely worth trying.