Cashel Blue Cheese

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Cashel Blue is a superb young gourmet cheese, with a mild and very creamy feel. The flavor will show a mineral undertone complemented by a delightful, mild blue tang.

Its texture varies from chalky to soft paste and a characteristic bluish green mold. Over 18 weeks of maturing, the cheese takes on a robust flavor and is granular in texture and great for crumbling. It is one of the finest blue cheeses and you can rely on its balance in taste, texture and aroma. It is pasteurized, and ripened for two and up to six month.

Cashel Blue first hit the market in 1984; it is the very first Irish Blue Cheese. It took first place at the Clones Agricultural Show. In 2009 and 2010 Cashel Blue was awarded Gold in The World Cheese Awards, Best Irish Cheese in the World Cheese Awards and the top award of three gold stars at The Great Taste Awards in London.

This cheese has quite a story to tell prior to its many decorations. It began with the Grubb Family; who were kicked out of England nearly 300 years ago, based on their religious beliefs had to take their milling and butter making processes elsewhere, so they settled upon the rolling hills of Ireland. The family tradition continues and thrives today. Cashel Blue is said to get its name from a nearby 'Rock of Cashel' that overlooks these abundant pastures that hold the Grubbs' 110 Friesian cows.

Cashel blue is excellent in salads, perfect atop a crusty French loaf, or served on a cheese and fruit platter. The Grubbs recommend light fruity wines to be paired with their cheese.

We hand-cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 1 pound and 8 ounces and you can also purchase an entire wheel of approximately 3 pounds.

Please note that wheels of cheese may vary slightly in weight; you will be charged for the actual weight of the wheel that you will receive.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet, starter cultures, Penicillum Roquefortii.
The best blue cheese I've ever had! It's my absolute fav!

The Irish Cashel blue cheese with Oporto port wine or a great cabernet is the best their is.

Recommended to me by an Irish friend, I ordered a pound of this in a recent order of seven cheeses... At a small cheese party following the delivery, this was the favorite of mine and a few other guests. It seemed to be right at the transitional phase mentioned in the description, between crumbly and creamy, and it was an absolute dream. The only cheese that didn't get shared with departing guests... but that's just my greedy secret... don't tell the others. Highly recommended!